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"You have the face that you deserve." Co Co Chanel. 

The formulas are originally cocktailed in a repute low-key beauty parlour in Paris, it proudly provides private and personal facial service to alluring Parisian women. A small team of professional French facialist work closely with an award-winning laboratory to create a petite serum collection infused with ocean and botanicals active ingredients. "Although we are keen on keeping us non-famous, we still work with the best in the world'. 

The petite serum collection has  been developed based on the experience of the team who has worked up-close and personal with their private clients.  And they have learnt how the theraputic scent of the serum change the mood instantly and how mood can change skin's condition for long term. Tiredness, sadness, and stress that inputs the skin’s appearance. It organically become a set of mood boosting serum and be a use of soothing the mood, thus ease the root cause of the skin problem. The invaluable experience has been derived to a unique sophisticated skincare accomplishment.

They always tell their clients, “je ne sais quoi! Don’t let your mood down!"

All the formula are used to be privileged to the private clients until it was found by a petite private entrepreneurship. 


Finally, it has been bottled and be accessible to everyone whose skin is not at its natural prime condition. However, the beauty parlour continues to stay low-key and private. 

​We make a significant change to your skin. Restore your skin, restore your mood. Just a few drops and a goodnight sleep, you awake with glowing skin. We bring you this indefinable and alluring skin tone that French women have.  Everyone should build  a relationship with you skin and binds it with a long-life caring. Yes, you climb into bed more tired from this care, even so, our therapeutic scent mood boosting serum put your body, mind, and skin through a mind over matter treatment every day. It is what authentic skincare should be.

Spa Massage Bed

A magnificent advice from French facialist of skin caring is deep hydration, not just moisturizing the skin surface. The DEEP DRINK is designed for this purpose and works perfectly to prevent or improve the problem of large pore, fine lines and acne. Made of 89% marine spring water drawn from the north of France, which is much of a muchness as miracle mineral water to skin, that many Parisian clients called it.


The INSTANT GLOW face oil serum has amazing healing power for dry-out skin (might be red, scaly, itchy, or even painful) and light burnt skin condition when there is nothing else could help. They even called it the "new La Mer" to adore its healing and restoring power.


French women never mind Botox, but they do mind not having the BOTOX IN A JAR serum which gives the skin an instant filling of fine lines.


The ROSE GOLD DARLING serum, this pink baby makes as an almost a perfect sensational serum that fits every requirement a French facialist would recommend.


Each serum is produced in the most exquisite process in France and in an exclusive quantity. 

@2024 Kate Benji Paris
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