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Kate Benji is a women-owned, quintessence of Made in France cosmeceutical skincare brand. Our cosmeceutical skincare range of advanced, hand-crafted formulations using groundbreaking anti-aging ingredients based on plant cell and superactive marine ingredients is the secret of many luxurious Spa Salons in France and widely used by experts beauticians. 

Kate Benji’s product is based on the mixology and synergy of high-quality Essential Oils, Botanic Superfoods, Patented Marine Active and Plant-Based Stem Cell ingredients. We have sound and clinically proven expertise in developing algae-infused skincare. We are serious about skincare and our product are back by science and research.

"Just a few drops and a goodnight sleep, you awake with glowing skin", Kate Benji. We make a significant changes to your skin. 

Our Lab Partner 

Our lab partner comes with many years of experience in the development of cosmetic ingredients and also in algae extracts, it is one of the leaders in marine ingredients for cosmetic use. Located in France coastline, the leading French region in marine cosmetics, Kate Benji has taken its inspiration from its environment to develop actives and extracts derived from algae.

Marine Glycotechnology involves hydrolyzing algae polysaccharides to obtain precise fractions of biologically active Oligosaccharides. It was in this context that Kate Benji’s research partner, experts in marine glycobiology, discovered the new cosmetic applications of marine oligosaccharides.

Our Research Partner 

In its constant will of innovation, Kate Benji’s lab partner takes part in collaborative research projects, enabling it to be at the cutting edge of technology and constantly reinvent itself.

Kate Benji’s lab's research partner notably partner of the INSERM for projects linked to the cutaneous biology, but also of the Roscoff biological station (CNRS). This collaboration has enabled us to identify algae bioactive molecules and to realize a technology transfer on enzymatic hydrolyze. Thanks to it, Kate Benji has enhanced is expertise in marine glycobiology.

Kate Benji's commitment to innovation means we are continuously researching ground-breaking formulas and ingredients that can make a real difference to your skin.


Algae-infused Skincare

While a common moisturizer or serum will nourish the outer layers of the skin, cosmeceuticals work on a deeper layer using potent vitamins, minerals and other beneficial active ingredients to tackle dryness and dehydration, dullness, sun damage, acne, scarring and signs of ageing.


Algae-infused Skincare is serious skincare. It incorporates biologically active ingredients that can alter the function of your skin in the long term… instead of just making it feel nice and fluffy for two seconds.

​You may find an inexpensive serum that contains say, retinol, but you’re likely paying for the quality and the source, the potency and the bioavailability. Think of it as the difference between an acrylic knit jumper and a cashmere one. It may have the same purpose, but if it’s a low-grade ingredient, or if the potency is minuscule, it won’t be doing much for you in the long run.

Kate Benji is serious about skincare and our product will change your skin from within and restore your cell function. 

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