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Dazzle 24K Gold Firming Elixir Serum 30ml

Your Skin
Dry+ Loss of Tightness

Our Remedy
24 Carat Gold + Hyaluronic Acid + Ulva Compressa


 + Dermal metabolism is stimulated

 + Improvement of skin firmness

 + moisturization 

 + Improvement elasticity

It is an exceptional serum that provides skin with its effective age-fighting benefits, ensuring good hydration and a better firmness, thanks to collagen synthesis. Its delicate texture and its gold color transform the care in a luxurious moment and an absolute delight.

The main active contribution is a complex of two natural ingredients: from an Andean Tree and from a Marine Seaweed, developed through an innovative technological process, designed to prevent and reduce skin wrinkles. This complex has a prolonged-delivery technology, thus sequentially releases the potent of marine active ingredients . The dermal metabolism is stimulated leading to an improvement of skin firmness, moisturization and elasticity. This serum is the perfect anti-aging care.

Effective Ingredients 

#24 Carat Gold

24 Carat Gold is highly beneficial to Anti-Aging to re-texture and repair skin damages caused by environmental stressors. This luxury nature ingredient helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier leading to radiance-boosting qualities, a brightening effect, adding a radiant and luminous quality to the skin. 24k pure gold can conquer all problems.

#Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid keeps your skin moisturized and radiant which helps to prevent the development of wrinkles, reduce the size of surface wounds on the skin.


#Ulva Compressa

Ulva Compressa immediately provides the electrolytes balance and hydration to the skin and makes it nourished


#Marine Seaweed

Marine Seaweed is a natural source of amino acids, vitamins E, B, and C. It is great for hydrating the skin, plump up, smoothing out fine lines with its anti-aging properties, and creates a barrier to protect skin from harsh weather that developed after it was exposed to the sun’s rays for too long.


Be perfectly imperfect like a French woman.

How To Use

Combined with #INSTA-GLOW (Night) or under a cream during the day., it provides excellent protective action and strengthens the skin's natural defenses against external aggressions.


1.01 fl oz / 30 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Non-comedogenic. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


91% users have found more moisturized and firmer after 4 weeks​​​​​​​.

Complete your skincare routine

Discover an effortless, healthy French glow with this simple, natural skincare routine of best sellers. Insta-Glow will transform your dull and tired skin into a glowing complexion.

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