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Upgrade Your Glow

Algae blend that is used throughout the line and loaded our formulas with superfood ingredients that will make your skin glow. The right medley of the sea and plant ingredients delivered the results you dream for. 
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Awake with Dewy Skin

Plump Skin  is a Super-Active Hydrating Serum, formulated with 100% Marine Spring Water instead of water, and is infused with  Evening Primrose Oil+ Natural Resin of Myrrh+ Orobranche+ Trace Elements that penetrates the deepest layer of your skin for maximum hydration like a miracle.

A few drops, a good night's sleep, and your large pore will vanish.

24K Gold Clinically Proven to Firm Skin 

Dazzle Firming Elixir Serum is blended with luxurious 24k Gold + Ulva Compressa + Hyaluronic acid+ Andean Tree + Marine Seaweed, boosts dermal metabolism to improve skin’s  firmness, while 24K Gold  shields from environmental stressors.

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Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Commonly referred to as “Botox in a Jar"

Derived from Stem Cell research, Younger Me Stem Cell Elixir Serum is packed with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 + Hydrolyzed Algae Extract + Aster Tripolium Extract +Cranberry Seed Oil, gives the skin instant natural Botox-Like boost.

The Ultimate Answer to Instant Glowing Skin

Our Insta-Glow Oil Elixir Serum is empowered with the botanic superfood extracts,  Rosa Damascena Oil, Wheat Germ Vegetable Oil + St. John’s Wort Flowers Oil + Sesame Seed Oil+ Jojoba Oil+ Buriti Fruit Oil+ Copaiba Resin


The Glow You Can’t Beat

24K Pure Gold Treatment, the most unapologetically-luxe, selfie-worthy mask in the game,  your skin will just feel like baby's bottom smooth and bouncy

Our Rescue Mask Infused with Skincare Superstar Ingredients

Rescue Mask is loaded with Niacinamide + Glycolic Acid + Urea+ Beeswax + Shea Butter+ Inositol, within a few minutes,  it gives the same results as a great night of sleep

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French Complexion

Restore Your Skin   

Restore Your Mood

French woman’s certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes her beauty seem so effortless, yet completely refined. 

Cutting Edge Bio-Technology 

Kate Benji's exclusive skincare products are developed in the most prestigious laboratories and are not only a feast for the senses but created to deliver notable improvement to the skin. Although individually effective, results are enhanced when products in the Kate Benji range are combined. Customers are left with fresh, younger-looking skin and an enhanced radiance, regardless of their age, skin type and beauty goals.

We have developed these active and efficacious skincare products that were sustainably made and ethically sourced.

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