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Kate Benji - a concept born out of a team of French professional facialist - urges women to “Don’t stop ‘til you’re glowing.” - with the brand consulting skin manifesto for glowing skin.


An ocean botanical beauty business is bringing its miraculous skincare items to the beauty world - helping more women achieve the famous “French complexion” and long-lasting dewy glow.


Made with cutting-edge marine biotechnology, Kate Benji’s serums and masks sparkle with signature algae compounds, anti-aging marine actives and up to 90% super active formula to enhance skincare efficacy. All ingredients are plucked from the France coastline and whipped up in an award-winning lab; sustainably made and infused with delightful, pleasant aromas.

The fabulous French complexion: How Kate Benji’s magic ocean botanical skincare serums create that perfectly imperfect dewy glow super active ingredients sourced from the French coastline have given rise to a range of unparalleled cosmeceuticals guaranteed to give skin a long-lasting glow.

1. “Skinvestment – investing time, money and effort on your skincare routine for your healthier skin;

2. “Skintellectual  - knowing what we use helps us to choose the right product according to our needs;

3. “Skinimalism – we simply keep your skin hydrated, protected and restored with least number of products”.



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About Kate Benji Kate Benji is a glorious cosmeceuticals range offering a bridge between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics - all backed by science that proves their efficacy. Collaborating with an award-winning laboratory of dermatology in France, Kate Benji uses marine biotechnology to mix sea and plant extracts - guaranteeing a long-lasting glow.

Cosmeceuticals are products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic effects, and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty.


The ocean is an amazing resource filled with life nutrients like plankton, algae, and seaweed that have been around for millions of years and offer miraculous skin and health benefits. Marine Glycotechnology involves hydrolyzing algae polysaccharides to obtain precise fractions of biologically active Oligosaccharides. It was in this context that Kate Benji’s research partner, experts in Marine Glycobiology, discovered the new cosmetic applications of Marine Oligosaccharides.



We believe in the potency of natural ingredients to unlock the glow of everyone ‘s skin.  All the marine ingredients as well as other ingredients developed by Kate Benji are natural and adhere to the international requirements for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients.

Your skin and the planet are both our responsibility. We limit the use of chemical additives and use as little preservatives as possible to guarantee the stability of our formulas. We use recyclable packaging and insist on adopting green production processes. We don't test on animals and adhere faithfully to regulations.