Our Differences

Kate Benji is a women-owned, Asian entrepreneur met French expert beauticians, the quintessence of Made in France ocean botanicals skincare.

We collaborate all products alongside Award-winning laboratory of Dermatology in France. The major difference between Kate Benji and other skincare are the success of settling on the right medley of sea and plant ingredients. France coastline, the leading French region in marine cosmetics, Kate Benji has taken its inspiration from its environment to develop its signature  actives and extracts derived from algae compounds both deliver miraculous results. Kate Benji serums are designed to be combined with each other for  and allow you to create a personalized treatment adapted to your skin needs and concerns around the clock which you can do your beauty routine without lotion or cream. They act in synergy to protect and repair in depth. The maximum concentration of active ingredients conquers all problems. A vanguard in serums and skincare products, we believe that any skin can be nourished, nurtured, and revitalized to reveal a new freshness, softness, and vitality - regardless of age or skin type.


Ocean Botanicals Skincare

Products that are below 40% bio-active are considered purely cosmetic and inactive, sitting on the surface of your skin but never penetrating through the dermal barrier, much like paint sits on a wall.


While a common moisturizer or serum will nourish the outer layers of the skin, cosmeceuticals work on a deeper layer using potent vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial active ingredients to tackle dryness and dehydration, dullness, sun damage, acne, scarring, and signs of aging.


Ocean Botanicals skincare is Cosmeceutical skincare which is serious skincare. It incorporates biologically active ingredients that can alter the function of your skin in the long term… instead of just making it feel nice and fluffy for two seconds.

​You may find an inexpensive serum that contains say, retinol, but you’re likely paying for the quality and the source, the potency, and the bioavailability. Think of it as the difference between an acrylic knit jumper and a cashmere one. It may have the same purpose, but if it’s a low-grade ingredient, or if the potency is minuscule, it won’t be doing much for you in the long run.

Kate Benji is serious about skincare and our product will change your skin and stimulate cell renewal. 

Marine Glycotechnology

The ocean is an amazing resource filled with life nutrients like plankton, algae, and seaweed that have been around for millions of years and offer miraculous skin and health benefits.  Marine Glycotechnology involves hydrolyzing algae polysaccharides to obtain precise fractions of biologically active Oligosaccharides. It was in this context that Kate Benji’s research partner, experts in Marine Glycobiology, discovered the new cosmetic applications of Marine Oligosaccharides.


French Complexion

We are not just putting a label on the jar saying FRENCH SKINCARE. Our French way of skincare is back by science and research, quintessentially made in France, use high quality active and natural ingredients, good scent of smell (very important!), animal cruel free and sustainability. We blend our exclusive products with innovative and traditional methods. 


We believe in the potency of natural ingredients to unlock the glow of everyone ‘s skin.  All the marine ingredients as well as other ingredients developed by Kate Benji are natural and adhere to the international requirements for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients.

Your skin and the planet are both our responsibility. We limit the use of chemical additives and use as little preservatives as possible to guarantee the stability of our formulas. We use recyclable packaging and insist on adopting green production processes. We don't test on animals and adhere faithfully to regulations.