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Marine Spring Water is the ultimate solution for real skin dehydration

The Spring Sea Water is an active water from Brittany.

This freshwater which naturally springs in the sea enriches itself in minerals and trace elements due to its contact with the sand and the granites from its marine environment. More than a spring water, the Spring Sea Water is a moisturizer and a source of vitality.

This unique water delivers an immediate radiant glow, helping to lessen the size of pores - leaving skin clarified, radiant and super healthy. Skin's thirst is quenched, with the water's high hydration capabilities. It wonderfully preserves and protects the skin's balance by re-mineralising the skin of its critical minerals. It has a detoxifying action which can be attributed to its antioxidant effect and its anti-pollution efficacy against the toxicity of cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes.

1. Remineralise 2. Minimise Pores by 10% 3. Detoxify Skin 4. Super Hydration 5. Luminocity, Even Tone + Texture 6. Protect Skin

Spring sea water has many benefits : It improves water flow through the skin and allows for high skin hydration. It also limits insensitive loss of water (ILW) by stimulating the synthesis of epidermal lipids, which strengthens the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ).

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