24K Pure Gold Treatment Gives You Ultimate Glow 

5x5xm x 12 units

This unique gold leaf foil treats redness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and evens tone for a healthy-looking glow.

The 24K Pure Gold Mask can be used as a one-time glamour treatment or ongoing support for healthier-looking skin. The unique combination of corrective anti-aging and anti-Inflammatory mask to treat hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged, sensitive skin or acne. It helps renew cells within the basal layer, to re-texture, defense against environmental aggressors and helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier. It reveals a renewed glowing complexion to the skin. In 10 minutes, your skin appears to be more luminous, brightening and radiant. 


How to Use

  1. Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser and apply the #PLUMP SKIN Hydrating Serum, massaging the product until it's fully absorbed

  2. Gently place a gold leaf foil on each cheek, cut one leaf with scissors, and put half over the forehead and chin

  3. Leave on for 10 minutes

  4. To remove, wet your fingers and massage in circular motions until the mask has dissolved.

  5. After the treatment, please apply your day or night skin caring routine for the best result.


Those thin 24 carats gold leaves are very easy to apply and lay on your skin with an incredible flexibility: they adopt the exact relief of the face and body and constitute a real second golden skin. With this unique sense of luxury and the soft and warm sensation of gold, those leaves change a traditional care into a spectacular luxury care.