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Grey Dazzle Sensitive Serum
Solves The Problems Of


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Our Solution


Grey Gold

is minerals and biological active. It has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The particles attach themselves to the proteins on the cellular wall of the bacteria, where they penetrate into the cell to disrupt the metabolic processes of the bacteria; leading to the death of the bacteria. I


Chamomile Floral Water

softens and calms irrated skin condition. 


Aquatic grass phragmites

an aquatic grass, is a natural soothing active that protects stressed and sensitive skins. It relieves itching, reduces redness and improves the quality of the skin's barrier function.


Matricaria Maritima flower

is Sea Chamomile has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and some antimutagenic properties. It provides a high-performance active substance for sensitive skin and offering an alternative for the blood microcirculation. It reduces of 20% the redness caused after UVB light exposure.


Algomonoi sargassum

is derived from bioactive compounds in marine resources, this extracts compounds works a miracle job of preventing and improving skin aging, including antioxidants, anti-inflammation, whitening, skin barrier repair, and moisturizing. 



Face has to be cleansed before the use of this serum. Apply in the morning and evening a small amount onto your face skin with circular motions which helps the ingredients to penetrate.


Butylene Glycol 

Helps keep skin moisturized, hydrated, and looking its youngest.



Use Plump Skin Super Active Serum as base, then layer 1-2 drops of Grey Gold Serum on top. Or mix them with palm heat for extra nouishing and repair benefits to skin on the night.  

This precious serum with real Grey gold is a complete soothing care. Its luminous and glittering shades of grey provides soothing and brightness to the most sensitive skins. The complexion is more uniform, the skin is soothed and radiant.

Thanks to the effective ingredients, this complete care helps to reduce skin’s discomforts. Thus, radiant complexion is guaranteed.

Sensitve Skin Safety Blanket

Grey gold regulates skin flora with its powerful, soothing, and purifying properties that provide exquisite protection for your skin.”


1.01 fl oz / 30 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Non-comedogenic. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


91% users have found more moisturized and firmer after 4 weeks​​​​​​​.

"My skin felt very hydrated and moderately moisturized. This felt perfect on my combo skin, this will do great on oily skin and dry skin all year round."

Nana - Entrepreneur

"The glow that this serum gives my skin is unreal!  I noticed a reduction in redness and irritation and my skin was also a lot more bright and plump.I really love this serum its one of the best I've tried."

Vahbiz - Model

"I really love it!"

Mavissyn - Life Couch

"I switched to this serum a month ago, and my skin hasn’t been this happy, calm, or clear in literal YEARS. This is a genuine review, I am so grateful to have found something that works this well for my very sensitive skin". 

Lily Khin - Digital Creator


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