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Rescue Mask
Solves The Problems Of
#Tired & Dull Skin
#Depleted Skin
#New Appearance Of  Fine Lines 
#Dry & Rough Condition 

Our Solution



#Argan Oil

#Glycolic Acid

#Laminaria Digitata Extract

#Eryngium Maritimum

#Paraffinum Liquidum



A real skincare superstar. It fades brown spots alone and increases ceramide synthesis that results in a stronger, healthier skin barrier and better skin hydration; improving several skin conditions including acne, rosacea, and atopic dermatitis. 


Glycolic Acid

It gently lifts off dead skin cells to reveal newer, fresher, smoother skin. Help skin’s own collagen production that results in firmer, younger skin and fade brown spots. 


Argan Oil

Helps balance sebum production so you get fewer breakouts; fade acne scars by removing damaged skin cells and promoting healthy cell renewal.


Laminaria Digitata Extract

Rich in alginates, mannitol and amino acids, Laminaria digitata has powerful properties to moisturize, remineralize, protect and nourish the skin.  This seaweed promotes slimming and has antiseptic properties.


Eryngium Maritimum Extract 

Anti-aging that helps improving the firmness of the skin and a full skin renewal from biotechnologies.



Smooth generously over the face and décolletage after cleansing. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off with cotton pads if needed. For best results, use 1-2 times a week. 


Paraffinum Liquidum

This medical-grade mineral oil forms a barrier on the skin and prevents moisture loss while aiding healthy skin. 



Add 1-2 drops of Younger Me Serum or Insta-Glow Serum,  mix them with palm heat for extra radiant effect before partying. 

Pre-Party Booster 

It is perfect for using as the first thing in the morning or as a pre-party boost - in a matter of minutes, your complexion feels plump and hydrated and fine lines appear reduced.


1.69 fl oz / 50 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Non-comedogenic. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


90% + users have found their skin looks healthy and plump as it is immersed in the legendary healing energies of our super star ingredients in 8 minutes.

"It is a quick fix". 

Amy L.

"It is a great product to boost my skin condition  in 8 mins."

Karen W. - CEO

"My skin is plumped and hydrated in 8 mins".

Coco M.

"i use it as sleeping mask and my skin feels soft and plumped in the next morning".

Diana - Biz Owner


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