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Insta-Glow Elixir Serum 
Solves The Problems Of #Depleted Texture
#Hormonal Imbalance
#Lifeless Skin  
 erious  Irritated #Detoxify Fatigued

Our Solution

#Essential Oils of Rosa Damascena Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Flower and Palmarosa

#Buriti Fruit Oil

#Wheat Germ Oil

#Jojoba Oil

#Copaiba Resin

#Sesame Seed Oil




Essential Oils of Rosa Damascena Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Flower and Palmarosa

Regenerate, moisturize the skin and restore the hormonal balance.  Anti-inflammatory properties which can help with stress-related conditions in more mature skin types. It is also excellent for treating broken capillaries.


St. John's Wort Flower Oil

Speed up the healing process of burns, bruises, and scars as the oil aids the skin's cell regeneration process and stimulates the circulation of oxygenated blood to damaged cells. It is an anti-inflammatory agent that also reduces redness and inflammation.


Buriti Fruit Oil

Protects the skin from premature ageing. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. · Helps in lightening dark spots caused by sun exposure.  Restores skin elasticity.


Jojoba Oil

Loaded with antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential components of the skin's barrier. Protects the skin against dehydration and wrinkles.


Copaiba Resin

Powerful healing, soothes and "repairs" minor skin irritations.



Pour 2 or 3 drops of product into the palm of the hand and warm it up. Apply with gentle pressure to the entire face and neck. Use the fingertips to massage in, smoothing the serum from the centre of the face outwards.


Sesame Seed Oil

Softens and clarifies the skin. protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, and toxic.



Add 1-2 drops on the foundation, cream or serum to add extra glowing and moisturizing effect. 

Hormonal Balancer

A deeply comforting serum, it is especially effective in treating the effects of hormonal imbalance, during the monthly cycle. It is the queen of face oil. 


1.01 fl oz / 30 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Non-comedogenic. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


90% + users have found Lacklustre complexions are revived with a powerful combination of Rose Damascena, Jojoba, Geranium, Rosewood and Lavender essential oils to stimulate epidermal cells;  St. John’s Wort flower and Wheat Germ oils to intensively nourish, soften and enhance overall radiance.

"Help you get that instant, radiant glow skin on!"

Luciana Rezel - Digital Creator

 "This serum is powerful in its healing,". 

Mave - KOL 

"Prep your skin with the serum before putting on make up and see the magic".

Vanessa L. 

"It brings my lifeless skin back to life instantly".

Treivna C. - Editor 


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